Just a half mile from our beach

lies the Great Belize Barrier Reef, home to fragile corals, gem colored sponges and a fantasy world of fish - stingrays, starfish conches, triggerfish, parrotfish, trumpetfish, bluestriped grunts, blue tang and other incredibly colored tropical fish.



There are many dive sites located within minutes of the shore with depths ranging from 15'-95'. Dive boats cross through interspersed natural channels in the reef crest to the open water outside, where 35 plus local dive sites are located.





2 Tank Dive


1 Tank Dive


Night Dive


Resort Course


Open Water Referral Course


Full Open Water Certification


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Check out our extensive list of Belize dive sites:

Angel's Flats Hol Chan Marine Renegades-see lobsters
Basil Jones Canyons Ises Bowl Robles Canyons
Basil Jones Cuts Laughing Bird-ringed reef Rocky Point-fringing reef
Boca Chica Canyon Lighthouse Reef-Coral Atoll Sandbar-novice
Buena Vista Point Love Tunnels Santa Rita Canyon
Coral Gardens M & M Caverns Shark & Ray Alley
Cypress Canyons-novice Mahogany Tackle Box Canyon-near San Pedro
Dardonellos Cut Mata Cut-novice The Wall
Devil's Canyon Mexico Rocks-novice Toffee Canyons
Dos Cocos Canyons Palermo Canyons & Cut Tortuga Canyons
Eagle Ray Canyon Paradise Canyons-near San Pedro Tres Cocos-spur & groove-novice
Entrada San Pedro Cut Pescador Canyons & Tunnels Tres Cocos Canyons & Cut
Franco Canyon Pillar Coral Tuffy Rocks-near San Pedro
Glovers Reef-Coral Atoll Punta Arena Canyons-expert Turneffe Island-Coral Atoll
Great Blue Hole Punta Azul Victoria Tunnels